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Who We Are

Chemical Research Pro is a worldwide  distributor of finest and legal medical pills, HGH & Steroids and other chemical products.  At Label Health pharmacy we strive to utilize technology to make managing your health easy. We link up with experienced doctors and pharmacists to help bring a delivery model that is not only quick, but safe, confidential and convenient. We want patients to be able to take control of their health from their mobile, laptop or tablet leaving you to enjoy your free time and take the hassle out of getting your required medicine.

As a global vendor, we provides a safe, personal online healthcare service. You can receive confidential health consultations with a doctor and receive your prescription from the comfort of your own home. As well as offering a range of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, we also provide expert advice on a range of common health issues

We assure our clients that every product we are selling are medical-grade which means these are made with the proper dosage. We see to it that no black market products are associated with our name. This is one of our efforts to offer only the most reliable and safest products to our clients. Our doctors are vastly experienced prescribes and are keen believers in technology helping to deliver healthcare to patients around the world.

Our guidance only helps you better understand your condition so you can make the decision that’s best for you.

Our Mission 

 We strive to prove that medicines can join the rest of  the  digital revolution and be delivered to patients at their convenience, using the latest technology.  Our aspiration as a leading pharmacy is to provide the following 
 * Secure service; Provide our patients with secure and confidential consultations online.
*Safe ordering; Ensure genuine prescription medicines are provided, via a registered pharmacy.
*Convenient health care ; Arrange for medicine to be delivered conveniently to your home, work or approved delivery pick up point.
*A Protected environment; Protect your personal records and store them securely.
*A transparent service; To allow customers and doctors to communicate on web.  
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Our Team

Our medical team comprises a mix of doctors, pharmacists, and prescribing pharmacists with the aim of utilizing different skill sets and years of experience working in different healthcare settings to deliver you the best online health care service. We have become extremely good at what we do; namely, providing all our customers with an excellent quality and highest purity products available in the market, at the best price available. We import directly from our factories in China/ U.K, our products are still in their original packaging, this is to ensure it’s maintained its excellent level of quality and purity assay +99.8%.